F1 is 'obnoxious'

So decides artist whose life-sized replica of a car is expected to sell for $60,000.

IF THIS sleek beauty looks familiar, that's because it is a life-sezed replica of a Formula 1 (F1) race car. But don't think about driving it because the sculpture by Indonesian artist Pintor Sirait is made of stainless steel.

The 300 kg sculpture, titled Desire, is one of the highlights of auction house Larasati's upcoming auction sale on Oct 21, and is expected to sell for at least $60,000. But the Bali-based sculptor says he is no fan of F1 racing, describing the sport as "loud, noisy and obnoxious" and the event a "cultural fetish". The 45-year-old says: "Even kids are socialised into fetishising F1 with fancy toy cars."

Yet, the cars intrigued him enough to create the sculpture. He spent two months welding the replica in his studio after studying blueprints of F1 race cars online. But instead of putting the usual colourful advertisements or team slogans on it, he emblazoned his sculpture with emotionally charged words like love, hate and paranoia.

He says: "I want to provoke a response. By using an icon like F1, it gives me the chance to question things about humanity, like what is impotant to us." A distinctive feature of the car is its mottled front bonnet which is riddled with more than 600 holes. He says he created that effect by shooting at the car with a .38 calibre Colt revolver.

He says: "It's a reminder that we live in an era of violence. I want to bring reality into my work."

He adds that his aesthetic changed after the 2002 Bali bombings and 9/11.

He went from clean lines and strict proportions to incorporating social issues in his work. He says: " Before that, my sculptures were very clean and beauty was all-important. But after the terrorist attacks, I realised life is not just about beauty.

"Art-making is about thinking and making people think and respond to the world."

June Cheong



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