Pintor was inspired to become an artist through a combination of interest in visual communication, joy in building objects without any rules and an attempt to redefine beauty, involving complex human issues in a cross-cultural context. As a child, he was interested in art and making objects.

Today, Pintor is a leading artist who pursues a very distinctive path as a sculptor: "The general thought is to have the artworks become like a trigger for different thoughts and emotion within the context that is stated in the title of the work. For this need to put together a set of clues that are interesting, not too obvious, open and kind of sexy."

He exhibited one of his pieces at the ARTParis+ Guests art fair, held at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2010. The sculpture, entitled "Democracy Kills" (photo), came with a six figure price tag and established Pintor as an outstanding artist. Over 20 sculptures in his car series have since been sold in different sizes, the most expensive being "Desire".

"The idea of using an F1 racing car as an allegorical object for my art came when I was invited for a group show which asked the participating artists to make contemporary fetish. I thought of what would be the object which many Asians worship and chose the Formula One car; it created quite a stir at the F1 race in Singapore," says Pintor, who himself drives a vintage Mercedes.

Backed by GHM, Pintor is currently working on two projects: "The first one is a series which revolves around a large-scale airplane sculpture whose fuselage is covered with newspaper headlines about Indonesia. The title of the work is "Mythic Airways". The second series I am working on makes a connection between Indonesian tribal art and our more global current situation, taking the cultural angle of cross-cultural misunderstanding that is often very funny."