Binarity is inevitable in live. But rather than creating a tension or even conflict from the binarism, our program of two leading Indonesian artists – Pintor Sirait and Astari – in “His/Hers: Trapped in Heaven” exhibition is featuring two sides of a coin. Pintor Sirait is a well known sculpture with unique exploration of media in his works, while Astari has been famous with her criticsm toward social themes in many of her works. Two of artists who have been friended and worked closely throughout the years presenting a same theme, their own artistic perspectives. The fact that both artists live and work in Bali is actually a plus side rather than the main deterimant factor in their works. Nonetheless, artist is the heart of a society, he/she reflects the society as well as criticizes their surrounding for the sake of its betterment.

It is an honour for us, Vanessa Art Link, to present two of our leading Indonesian artists in much anticipated duet show for our program which the preparation itself has started a year ago. The program breathes the same spirit of our vision to promote both Indonesian and Chinese selected artists in our links.
Please enjoy our show......


Jakarta, July 2008